Danh từ - noun

Đáp án bài tập các danh từ không đếm được thường gặp trong tiếng anh

Answer keys of Exercises of noncount nouns

Complete the sentences with the given nouns. Add final s/es if necessary.

(Hãy hoàn thành những câu sau bằng những danh từ được cho. Thêm s/es nếu cần)

change            thunder            traveling                                             

            river                 furniture           luggage                                              

            city                  music              food

            traffic               country            suitcase

  1. There are some coins in my pocket. I have some change in my pocket.
  2. The Amazon and the Nile are well-known rivers in the world.
  3. I like to listen to operas and folk songs. I enjoy music           .
  4. I like to visit Paris, Rome, and New York. They are my favourite     cities    .
  5. There is always a lot of   traffic  on the street during rush hour in the morning.
  6. I have eaten a lot of    food     , so I don’t want to have dinner now.
  7. I bought 10 chairs, 5 tables, and 2 desks. There are some    furniture  in my house.
  8. She was scared when she heard       thunder  during the storm.
  9. There is too much       luggage   . I can’t carry these heavy  suitcases   .
  10. Travelling        is one of my hobbies. I have visited   countries , for example, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, etc.

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