STT Tên tài liệu
1 StarDog and TurboCat 2019-Animation Comedy Family Movie-English subtitle
2 Justin and the Knights of Valour 2013-Animation Adventure Family-English subtitle
3 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 1937-Animation Family Fantasy-English subtitle
4 Big Fish & Begonia (Dayu haitang) 2016-Animation Adventure Drama-English subtitle
5 Ballerina Leap 2016 – Animation Adventure Comedy – English subtitle
6 Astro Kid Terra Willy: Planete Inconnue 2019-Animation Comedy-English subtitle
7 The Queen’s Corgi- Royal Dogs-animation comedy family-English subtitle
8 The Big Wish 2019-animation fantasy family-English subtitle
9 Spycies 2019-animation action comedy-english subtitle
10 The Lion King 2019 -animation adventure drama- english subtitle
11 Homeward 2020-animation adventure fantasy-english subtitle
12 A Christmas Carol -1997- Animation- English Sub
13 Ooops! Noah Is Gone 2015-animation-English Vietnamese Sub
14 A Turtle Tale Sammy’s Adventure 2010-Animation-English Sub
15 Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa 2018-Animation-Thuyết minh Việt-English Sub
16 Ozzy The Fast and Furriest 2016 -Animation-English Sub
17 The Three Musketeers – Ba Chàng Lính Ngự Lâm
18 Sleeping Beauty 1959-Công Chúa Ngủ Trong Rừng
19 Studying English with film Constantine: City of Demon English Sub
20 Studying English with films Tangled Season 1,2 English Sub