STT Tên tài liệu
1 Confusing Words 7: make/ cause, percent/ percentage, personal / personnel, possibility/ change, priceless/ worthless
2 Confusing Words 6: during/ for/ while, injured/ wounded, job/ work, lay/ lie, loose/ lose
3 Confusing Words 5: considerable/considerate, continual/continuous, control/ inspect, damage/ harm/ injury, criticism/objection,
4 Confusing Words 4: avoid/prevent, beside/besides, briefly/shortly, canal/channel, conscientious/conscious
5 Confusing Words 3: aboard/ abroad, action/activity, advice/advise, affect/effect, appreciable/appreciative
6 Modifying adverbs- Trạng từ bổ trợ cho tính từ : very, quite, a bit,
7 Collocations: Sports and Games – Cụm từ dùng trong thể thao
8 How to use ‘play, go’, and ‘do’ with sports – Dùng play, go và do trong thể thao
9 Confusing Words 2: alligator-crocodile, butter-margarine, pill-tablet,…
10 Confusing Words 1: accept-except, emigrate-immigrate, flammable-inflammable, …
11 Từ vựng hình học – Geometry