Danh từ - noun

Đáp án bài tập đại từ và tính từ sở hữu – possessive pronouns and adjectives

Answer keys of possessive adjectives and pronouns

I. Choose appropriate possessive adjective (chọn tính từ sở hữu thích hợp)

  1. You have a cat.           Your    cat is black.
  2. He has got a car.        His       car is red.
  3. She has two children.             Her      children are 12 and 16.
  4. The elephant is enormous.     Its        ears are very big.
  5. We read a lot of books.           Our      favourite books are on the table.
  6. Children ! Wash          Your    hands, they are very dirty !
  7. They have got two cars.         Their    cars are in the garden.
  8. We have new neighbours.      Our      neighbours are very nice.
  9. I lost     my       pencil.  (his/her/their/your/our)
  10. He has got a sister.     Her      name is Debbie
  11. Debbie has got a dog. Her     dog is very lively.
  12. The dog is very lively. Its        name is Ben.
  13. We are at school.        Our      school is very nice.
  14. I have got a new laptop.          My       laptop is white.
  15. I’m from HCM City. Most of   my       friends are from the city, too.

II. Underline the correct words (gạch dưới những từ đúng)

  1. This is my/mine pen. Your/yours is on that table.
  2. This laptop is his/him. That one is her/hers.
  3. Mary and Peter have their/theirs cars. Mary has her/hers, and Peter has his/him.
  4. Our/ours house is roughly similar to your/yours house, but our/ours is blue and your/yours is green.
  5. A bird has two wings on each side of it’s/its body.
  6. He has a cat. It’s/its name is Cherry. It often wags it’s/its tail.
  7. I don’t have my/mine laptop here, so I need your/yours to finish my/mine homework.
  8. Where is her/hers car?

I don’t know, but my/mine is right there.

9.Dad, is it my/mine money?

No, it’s/its  my/mine. Your/yours is on the sofa.

10. I can’t find my/mine book. Can I borrow your/yours book?

I am afraid not. Is that book your/yours?


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