Danh từ - noun

Đáp án bài tập danh từ đếm được và không đếm được

Answer keys of exercises of count and noncout nouns

Write ‘C’ (count) or ‘NC’ (noncount) above the underlined nouns in the following sentences

(Hãy viết C-đếm được- hoặc NC- không đếm được ở dưới những danh từ được gạch dưới trong những câu sau)

1.I bought some chairs, tables, sofas. I bought some furniture.

                              C         C         C                                    NC

2. She wears rings, bracelets, and necklaces. She likes to wear jewelry.

                      C           C                      C                                          NC

3. I saw mountains, fields, and lakes. I saw a lot of scenery.

                 C             C               C                               NC

4. Would you like some food? I’d like a pizza and some apples, please.

                                        NC                     C                         C

5. We are having meat, rice, vegetables, and fruit for lunch.

NC    NC         C                 NC

6. Gold, silver, and iron are metals.

     NC     NC           NC          C

7. My mom bought an iron for me.


8. I wish you health, happiness, and luck in your new life.

                       NC         NC                NC

9. She has red hair and blue eyes.

                        NC                   C

10. There are a lot of rain, thunder, and snow during winters. We have bad weather.

                                  NC       NC              NC                                                      NC

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