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Đáp án bài tập degrees of certainty – past time (mức độ chắc chắn – quá khứ)

Answer keys of degrees of certainty – past time

Use an appropriate form of must, can, and could with the verbs in parentheses to complete the dialogues.

1.A: Abigail fell asleep during the lesson this morning.

B: she (sleep) mustn’t have slept well last night.

2. A: Paul always pushes all onions aside, and never eats them.

B: He (dislike) must dislike     onions.

3. A: It was the first time for Addison to deliver a speech in front of her school.

B: She (be)      must have been          nervous.

4. A: Can you lend me some money?

B: I don’t seem to have my wallet. I (leave)   couldn’t/can’t have left            it at home because I paid for my taxi.

5. A: Gavin told me that he would to the beach.

B: So, he (swim) must swim/  be swimming  in the sea right now.

6. A: Have you seen my hand bag?

B: It (be) could be       in the kitchen.

A: It’s not in the kitchen. It (be) must be         in my bedroom. I was there a few minutes ago.

B: Have you found it yet? You (leave) could have left it in the toilet.

A: I (leave)      can’t/couldn’t have left            it in the toilet. I haven’t got in the toilet since I came home.

7. A: I met a nice girl at a party last night. I asked her a question in English, she just smiled and nodded.

B: she (speak) mustn’t have spoken   much English.

8. A: These shoes don’t fit me anymore.

B: Your feet (grow)     must have grown       

9. A: It (be)          could be          Tom over there.

B: he (be)        can’t/couldn’t be          Tom. Tom is bigger, and taller than that guy.

A: So, I (have) must have      some problems with my eyes.

10. A: I didn’t see Dave yesterday. Where was he?

B: He (go) could go     to visit his grandma.

A: He (go)       can’t/couldn’t have gone         to visit her because she was travelling in a foreign country.

B: He (study)   must have studied       in the library because he said he needed a quiet place to study for his tests.


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