gerunds and infinitives

Đáp án bài tập gerunds: introduction

Answer keys of exercises of introducing gerunds

Complete the sentences below with an appropriate preposition and verb form

  1. My sister is interested in (tidy) tidying up her house.
  2. They are capable of (finish) finishing their work earlier.
  3. I have no excuse for (not, pass) not passing my exams.
  4. She’s accustomed to (not, have) not having breakfast.
  5. The rain prevented me from (go) going to work on time.
  6. Instead of (study) studying for the tests, they went to play football.
  7. Thank you for (carry) carrying the heavy bags for me.
  8. My wife insisted on (know) knowing all about my ex-girlfriend.
  9. I showed them how to get to the town by (draw) drawing a map.
  10. He took advantage of (study) studying with good teachers.
  11. All students in my class participated in (recycle) recycling paper.
  12. I apologized for (break) breaking her cup.
  13. He didn’t blame me for (not, come) not coming to his party.
  14. The thief is accused of (steal) stealing my dad’s money.
  15. In addition to (serve) serving as a waiter, he is a singer.

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