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Đáp án bài tập sở hữu danh từ ‘s và of

Answer keys of Exersices of possessive nouns

Complete the sentences with the possessive form of the nouns in the parentheses

(Hãy hoàn thành các câu sau bằng sử dụng danh từ sở hữu nằm trong ngoặc)

  1. Mary’s boyfriend often gives her presents. (Mary)
  2. The      boy’s    book is interesting. (boy)
  3. The      boys’    books are interesting. (boys)
  4. The      children’s   bags are on the table. (children)
  5. He doesn’t know the material of the shirt       . (the shirt)
  6. The      baby’s  toys are on the floor. (baby)
  7. The      babies’  toys are on the floor. (babies)
  8. Our      wives’  names are Rachel and Jane. (wives)
  9. Phyllis’             last name is Davis. (Phyllis)
  10. I asked the man for the price  of the room     . (the room)
  11. This is my        boss’    house. (boss)
  12. These are my bosses’   sofas. (bosses)
  13. That is a          woman’s          purse (woman)
  14. These are        women’s          clothes. (women)
  15. He is my          sister’s             husband. (sister)
  16. They are my   sisters’   husbands. (sisters)
  17. The colour       of the table      is not good. (the table)
  18. I did     yesterday’s      homework. (yesterday)
  19. Have you studied        today’s             lessons? (today)
  20. This laptop cost me a month’s  salary. (month)

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