Đáp án bài tập prepositions of time – at, on, in

Answer keys of Exercises of prepositions of time – at, on, in

Complete the sentences below using prepositions of time at, on, or in.

  1. They had a nice party on        June 12th.
  2. I do not play music      on        Wednesdays.
  3. He arrived       in         December.
  4. The Tulips will bloom   in       a few days.
  5. This palace was built   in         17th century.
  6. I will go away  on        the 25th of July.
  7. He bought this car       in         March.
  8. They do not go to school        on        Saturdays.
  9. Some people rest        in         the afternoon.
  10. They saw her  at         noon.
  11. We have tests in         October.
  12. She sometimes goes out        at         night
  13. I always get flowers    on        my birthday.
  14. Children must rest well           at/on    weekends.
  15. We decorate a fir tree at         Christmas.
  16. The weather is usually cold    in         January.
  17. The course starts        on        Tuesday afternoon.
  18. It usually snows           on        Christmas day.
  19. They arrived    on        Christmas Eve.
  20. I always have lunch    at         midday.

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