Các thì quá khứ - past tenses

Đáp Án Bài Tập Quá khứ đơn – Past Simple

Đáp Án Bài Tập Quá khứ đơn – Past Simple


I. Hãy chia động từ ‘be’ ở thì past simple (was, wasn’t, were, weren’t)

  1. The weather was good yesterday. (+)
  2. They weren’t at home last night. (-)
  3. I           was      sick last weekend. (+)
  4. We weren’t      in the hall after school. (-)
  5. My brothers     weren’t  at home this morning. (-)
  6. My parents      were    happy with my grades. (+)
  7. Mary    was      at her grandmother’s house three days ago. (+)
  8. My cat     wasn’t    good yesterday. (-)
  9. You      were    in a coffee shop after work. (+)
  10. My grandfather           wasn’t              in France in 1970. (-)
  11. John    wasn’t  at work last weekend. (-)
  12. My friends       were    at school this afternoon. (+)
  13. Where       were          you this morning?

I           was      at home in bed.

14            Was     Tom Cruise Australian?

No, he wasn’t  . He     was      American.

15  Were   Your friends in the park last Sunday?

Yes, they were            .

16    Was     She happy with her results?

No, she wasn’t. She    was      very unhappy.

17    Was     His father at work yesterday?

No, he wasn’t  . He     was      at home because he   was      sick

II. Hãy chia các động từ trong ngoặc ở thì quá khứ đơn

  1. Last year I (go)            went    to England on holiday. (+)
  2. I (visit) didn’t  visit       lots of interesting places. (-)
  3. In the mornings we     didn’t walk  in the streets of London. (-)
  4. In the evenings we   didn’t go to pubs. (-)
  5. It  didn’t rain  a lot. (-)
  6. We       saw      some beautiful rainbows. (+)
  7. You      didn’t spend     your last holiday. (-)
  8. The princess was very sad because her golden ball  fell    into the well. (+)
  9. Suddenly, the princess           saw      a big, ugly frog and she asked him to get her ball. (+/+)
  10. The frog          wanted     to be the princess’ friend. (+)
  11. The frog          jumped    into the well, and     threw   the golden ball to the princess. (+/+)
  12. The princess   caught the ball, and quickly   run       to the castle. (+/+)
  13. The frog          came   to the castle and          started to live with the princess in the castle. (+/+)
  14. Soon, the princess      began  to love the frog. (+)
  15. They    became      very close friends.
  16. One day, the princess kissed   the frog. (+)
  17. Then, suddenly, the frog         turned  into a handsome prince. (+)
  18. They soon       got       married and lived happily forever. (+)
  19. Did       you   go   to the movies last Saturday?

No, I    didn’t    . I stayed         at home, and   watched     TV.

20     Did       you      see      Tom this morning?

Yes, I   did       . I   saw            him in his office

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