Các thì quá khứ - past tenses

Đáp án bài tập quá khứ đơn với ‘Used To’ và ‘Would’

Đáp án bài tập quá khứ đơn với ‘Used To’ ‘Would’


  1. I (be)    used to be       shy, so I (hide) used to/would hide     under my desk every time a visitor came to my house.
  2. Every time my uncle came to my house, he (buy)    used to/would buy       us a toy.
  3. I (be)    used to be       afraid of flying. My heart (start)          used to/would start      beating hard every time I was on a plane.
  4. My dad gave me a bicycle when I was young, and my friends (ask) used to/would            ask to ride it.
  5. I (feel)  used to feel     that I was stupid every time I did a mistake.
  6. When my brother was a boy, he (like)           used to like      going around my neighbourhood and (do) used to/would do      a crazy thing.
  7. When I was a child, I (live)      used to live      in the countryside, so I (put)   used to/would put        a flashlight next to my pillow every time I was in bed at night.
  8. Every summer, my parents (take)     used to/would take      us to our grandparents’ house in the country when we were children, and I remembered that we (love)    used to love     running all over the garden to play hide and seek.
  9. When I was at university, I (go)          used to/would go to library to study, so I (know)        used to know            very little about school activities
  10. Last summer, my family went on vacation to mountains. It was so great. Every morning, singing birds (wake) used to/would wake   us up. After breakfast, we (go)           used to/woud go          for a walk along mountain streams. We often (see)     used to see      peaceful and beautiful views.

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