Đáp án bài tập so sánh tính từ-comparative and superlative (hơn kém và nhất)

Answer keys of comparatives and superlatives

I. Fill in the gaps with the comparative form of the adjectives given.

(Hãy điền vào chỗ trống bằng tính từ được cho ở dạng so sánh hơn kém)

  1. A rock is          heavier            than a leaf. (heavy)
  2. Our house is    bigger              than yours. (big)
  3. The princess is            more beautiful     than the witch. (beautiful)
  4. Tom is a          better               student than Mary. (good)
  5. Bicycles are    safer                than motorbikes. (safe)
  6. July is              hotter               than January. (hot)
  7. A lion is            more dangerous          than a cat. (dangerous)
  8. Helen is           happier            than Mary. (happy)
  9. Computers are            more expensive          than telephones. (expensive)
  10. I think golf is    more boring     than football. (boring)
  11. My sister is much        taller                than me. (tall)
  12. My mother is 45, and my father is two years older    than her. (old)
  13. English is         easier              than Chinese. (easy)
  14. Peter is a         more interesting         person than Bob. (interesting)
  15. I think my English is getting    better   . (good)
  16. I am afraid my pronunciation is getting          worse  . (bad)

II. Fill in the gaps with the superlative form of the adjectives given.

(Hãy điền vào chỗ trống những tính từ được cho ở dạng so sánh nhất.)

  1. It is the            largest             shop in town. (large)
  2. Monday is the the worst        day of the week. (bad)
  3. Ben was the    noisiest            person in his family. (noisy)
  4. Sam is the       most popular   in the class. (popular)
  5. Which is the    most difficult               subject at school? (difficult)
  6. Jim is the         best                 player in the football team. (good)
  7. Elephants are the        heaviest           animals. (heavy)
  8. Let’s pick the   biggest             apple in the basket. (big)
  9. Mary is the      thinniest           girl in the class. (thin)
  10. That is the       most comfortable    sofa in our house. (comfortable)
  11. The cheetah is the      fastest             land animal in the world.(fast)
  12. She is the  happiest     person in my family. (happy)
  13. That is the       highest             mountain I have ever seen.(high)
  14. She is the        most beautiful   woman in the world.(beautiful)
  15. My brother is the         laziest              person that I know.(lazy)
  16. San Pedro de Atacama is the    driest            desert in the world.(dry)


III. Fill in the gaps with the comparative or the superlative form of the adjectives given.

(Hãy điền vào chỗ trống những tính từ được cho ở dạng so sánh hơn kém hay so sánh nhất.)

  1. This armchair is more comfortable the old one. (comfortable)
  2. Ann is the youngest   child in the family. (young)
  3. Bicycles are    slower than      planes. (slow)
  4. I bought           the most expensive     souvenir in that shop. (expensive)
  5. In this classroom girls are       better than        boys. (good)
  6. That TV set is the cheapest   of all. (cheap)
  7. You are           safer    here than there. (safe)
  8. Julie is      prettier than            Kate. (pretty)
  9. This is  the most exciting        film in the cinema. (exciting)
  10. Tim is  more talented than      Peter. (talented)
  11. Non-smokers usually live       longer than      smokers. (long)
  12. Which is  the most dangerous               animal in the world? (dangerous)
  13. A holiday by the sea is    better than   a holiday in the mountains. (good)
  14. Who is                 the richest          woman in the world? (rich)
  15. He was            the cleverest   thief of all. (clever)
  16. He is    more stupid than         his elder brother. (stupid)
  17. Tom Cruise is  littler than        Brad Pitt. (little)
  18. David Beckham is      handsomer than          Pele. (handsome)
  19. Pizza  is           more delicious than     bread. (delicious)
  20. He is    the most intelligent             of his friends. (intelligent)

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