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Đáp án bài tập sự khuyên bảo – advisability (should, ought to, had better)

Answer keys of Exercises of advisability

I. Give advice in the following situation by using should, ought to, or had better

1.I have a test next week.

You should (ought to, had better) study harder.

2. I don’t know how to spell this word.

You should look it up in a dictionary.

3. I’m cold, and I have a fever.

You had better go to see a doctor.    

4. I don’t understand this lesson.

You ought to ask your teacher for help.

5. I need to improve my English.

You should buy a good grammar book.

6. I have a toothache. It hurts a lot.

You had better go to see a dentist.    

7. I need some money to buy this book. It is so interesting.

You should ask your dad to give you some money. 

8. There isn’t enough food for our party tomorrow.

You should go to supermarket for food.        

9. My room is too messy, and my friends are visiting me tonight.

You should tidy up your room.           

10. I miss my parents so much.

You should go to visit them.   


II. Use should (not) + have + past participle to make sentences for the given situations.

  1. Tom left the window open all last night, so he is having a terrible cold.

Tom shouldn’t have left the window open.

  1. I didn’t study for the test last week. I have failed it.

You should have studied for the test.            

  1. Sophia had flu a few days ago, but she didn’t go to see a doctor. Now she’s very sick.

Sophia should have gone to see a doctor.

  1. There are no tickets left because we came to the cinema late.

You should have come to the cinema earlier.           

  1. I didn’t have coffee this morning, so I’m sleepy now.

You should have had coffee this morning.                

  1. The weather was so nice last Sunday, but we were inside all day.

You shouldn’t have been inside all last Sunday.        

  1. The boy lied to his teacher. He is getting a lot of trouble now.

The boy shouldn’t have lied to his teacher.               

  1. She has a stomach ache because she ate too much.

She shouldn’t have eaten too much.             

  1. I went to school late yesterday because I didn’t set my alarm clock.

You should have set your alarm clock.         

  1. My friend is upset because I didn’t come to her birthday party last night.

You should have come to her birthday party.           


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