Đáp án bài tập tính từ – adjective: thêm ‘ing’ hay ‘ed’

Answer keys

Exercise about adjective with ‘ing’ or ‘ed’

Underline the correct adjectives (hãy gạch dưới đúng những tính từ)

  1. I am so (relaxed / relaxing) that I don’t want to move.
  2. I find horror films really (frightened / frightening) and not at all fun to watch.
  3. Sometimes I get really (frustrated / frustrating) when I can’t express myself well in English.
  4. We were stopped by a man with a knife who took our money. It was (terrified / terrifying).
  5. The program was really (interested / interesting).
  6. She was (overwhelmed / overwhelming) when everyone cheered and we gave her presents.
  7. If I feel stressed, I find taking a bath is often (relaxed / relaxing).
  8. I’m really (tired / tiring) . I think I’ll go to bed.
  9. He’s very (interested / interesting) in history.
  10. The trip was (overwhelmed / overwhelming) with so many things to do and it was all so new.
  11. She is never (satisfied / satisfying) with her work.
  12. Cleaning is so (tired / tiring) ! I think I’ll have a rest.
  13. She thought the ride on the roller coaster was (thrilled / thrilling).
  14. I was really (surprised / surprising) when I saw you. I had thought you were on holiday.
  15. My grandmother was (shocked / shocking) by the man’s bad language.
  16. My niece is (terrified / terrifying) of dogs.
  17. Thank you so much for the prize! I’m (thrilled / thrilling).
  18. My job is very (satisfied / satisfying) . I love helping people.
  19. The news was so (shocked / shocking) that she burst into tears.
  20. My exam results were great! It’s really (surprised / surprising) but good, of course
  21. I’m (bored/boring) . There’s nothing to do here.
  22. The train journey was very long and (tired/tiring).
  23. The holiday in London was really (exciting/excited).
  24. I’m really (exciting/excited) about going to New York next week.
  25. The film was three hours long. It was really (boring/bored).
  26. I ran ten kilometres this morning. I’m (exhauting/exhausted).
  27. I spilled coffee on my boss. It was really (embarrassing/embarrassed)
  28. That horror film was really (frightened/frightening).
  29. It is Tom Hanks’ new film, Inferno. It is (interesting/interested).
  30. He kept knocking on a table while I was trying to make my report to my boss yesterday. I felt (annoyed/ annoying).

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