Các thì tương lai - future tenses

Đáp án bài tập tương lai hoàn thành (Future Perfect)

Answer keys of exercises of future perfect

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using the future simple and the future perfect

(Hãy điền vào chỗ trống bằng cách sử dụng tương lai đơn và tương lai hoàn thành)

1.A: I’m going to supermarket for food. Have you tided up our house?

B: Not yet. But by the time you get back, I (clean)    will have cleaned        up the living room and (finish)             finished            washing the dishes.

A: I hope so because I think our guests (arrive)        will arrive         at about 6 o’clock tonight.
2. A: I have only one exam before graduating from university. By this time next year, I (graduate)   will have graduated                    .

B: Are you worried about looking for a job?

A: Not really. I (work)              am going to work       for my dad’s company.

B: That’s a good idea.
3. A: Have you heard that Sophia (take)           is going to take            a vacation in Europe this summer?

B: She (go)     is going to go   Europe again. Where exactly does she want to go?

A: She (visit)   is going to visit  London, Paris, and Rome.

B: I think she (visit)     will have visited           every city in Europe by the time she is 40.

4. A: How long have you been in the US?

B: I have only been here for two weeks. But I love this country, so I (stay) am going to stay         here for another two weeks. When I go back home, I (be)     will have been here for a month.

5. A: Hurry up! We will probably be late. By the time we come to the party, everyone (finish, already)          will already have finished  eating.

B: But I need more time to get my hair to look right.

A: Who cares? By the time we get there, they all (leave)     will have left    , nobody (see, even)   will even see                  your hair.


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