Disappearance 2002-Horror Thriller Mystery – English subtitle

Title: Disappearance 2002

Director: Walter Klenhard

Writer: Walter Klenhard

Stars: Harry Hamlin, Susan Dey, Jer Adrianne Lelliott

Plot: While driving through New Mexico, the Henley family – Jim, his wife Patty, their daughter Kate, son Matt, along with Matt’s friend Ethan – discover the whereabouts of Weaver, a ghost town, and decide to take a detour to it to take pictures. Stopping at a diner in the neighboring town of Two Wells, the family asks about Weaver but the patrons, all seeming dazed, claim not to have heard of the town, although a gas station attendant warns Jim to “stay on the pavement”. The Henleys make their way to Weaver, where they find a wall with a mysterious symbol and a human-sized dried skin. They discover a videotape which shows previous visitors being taken by an unseen force, and then ending with a girl running from the unknown threat. Unnerved, the family try to leave but the SUV battery is dead and they are forced to spend the night in one of the abandoned buildings.

This film with English subtitles helps you to study and improve your English listening and speaking skills more easily.