Writing FCE – Informal letters: Describing an object (Thư mô tả một vật)


(Thư mô tả một vật)

In your last letter, you said you were going to buy either a laptop or a new computer. Which did you decide to buy? What’s it like? Are you pleased with it? I’ love to hear all about it, and your other news.

Write your letter to answer your friend’s questions and give relevant details (140-190 words).

I. Before writing, answer these questions

  1. Are you going to write a new letter, or reply to one?

(Bạn sẽ viết một lá thư mới hay trả lời cho một người nào đó?)

A reply

  1. Who is going to read your letter?

(Ai sẽ đọc lá thư của bạn)

A friend

  1. Which kind of letter should you write?

(Loại lá thư bạn sẽ viết là gì?)

An informal letter, describing and giving news

(một lá thư thân mật, mô tả và cho tin tức)

  1. How many topics are there is your letter? What are they?

(Bao nhiêu chủ đề trong lá thư của bạn? Chúng là những chủ đề nào?)

Two topics: one is to describe an object you bought, the other is your other news

            (Hai chủ đề: một là mô tả vật mình đã mua, cái còn lại là tin tức khác của mình.)

  1. What do you have to write in your letter?

(bạn sẽ phải viết gì trong lá thư của bạn)

  • Your decision about what you bought

(Quyết định những gì bạn đã mua)

  • A description of the object

(Mô tả món đồ đó)

  • Your feelings about your new purchase

(Cảm giác của bạn về món đồ mới đó)

  • Your other news

(Các tin khác của bạn)

II. Brainstorm the topic


III. A model letter

Dear Sara,

Thanks for your letter. I’m sorry I haven’t written before, but because I have been doing a lot of studying recently, I haven’t had time for anything else!

I have decided on a new laptop rather than a computer. It’s a portable, compact laptop which is quite light, about 2 kilos. It was a real bargain, and it has made such a difference to my life because it makes my writing assignments become easier and better. It’s also so convenient to contact my family members and entertain on it anytime and anywhere.

Now for my news, I went on a short trip to visit my grandparents last week. I always enjoys seeing them because we spend hours chatting and gossiping. When I got home, I found that my parents had bought some new furniture for my bedroom, so I spent Saturday morning rearranging my room. I also went to a great beach party, where I had a barbecue with some friends.

That’s all for now. Write soon, and tell me everything you’ve been up to recently.




There are 4 paragraphs in the letter

  • Paragraph 1 = introduction: thanks for letter, apologise late reply
  • Paragraph 2 = bought a laptop: description, benefits, feelings
  • Paragraph 3 = recent news
  • Paragraph 4 = conclusion: write soon, ask your friend’s recent news


Exam practice: write a letter

This is part of a letter you have received from an English friend:

As I haven’t heard from you for ages, I thought I’d write and ask you your news. What have you been doing? You said you were going to buy a new scooter, or a new smart TV. What did you buy? Why? What’s it like? I’d love to hear all about it.

Write a letter, answering your friend’s questions and giving relevant details (140-190 words).

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