Sketch Artist II: Hands That See 1995-Drama Crime Thriller-English subtitle

Title: Sketch Artist II: Hands That See (1995)

Director: Jack Sholder

Writer: Michael Angeli

Stars: Jeff Fahey, Courteney Cox, Michael Nicolosi

Plot: When police artist Jack Whitfield (Fahey) learns about the serial killer that seems to be unstoppable, with no survivors, he’s discouraged. But when he learns about an eyewitness survivor, Emmy O’Conner (Cox), things seem to unfold. What’s the catch? The only surviving victim is blind. At first Jack is skeptical and all at once loses hope in Emmy. But when she describes her attacker with full and uncanny details, he’s convinced. Soon Jack becomes closer to Emmy, and closer to finding the killer. Yet the killer is still out there… madder than ever. And this man will stop at nothing to get what he wants – unless Jack can stop him. But this task seems impossible, as the killer will even risk death to kill Emmy, the one who let his identity loose. His target.

This film is subtitled in English to help you not only to entertain, but also improve your English listening and speaking skills.