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Đáp án bài tập degrees of certainty – future time (mức độ chắn chắn – tương lai)

Answer keys of exercises of degrees of certainty – future time

Use should/ought to, or must to fill in the gaps.

  1. Look at the long line to get into the movie. The film must be good.
  2. Let’s go to the party tonight. It should/ought to exciting.
  3. Their car is in front of their house. They must be at home.
  4. My boss isn’t here right now, but he   should be back at about 10.
  5. There are good players in our team, so we    should              win tomorrow.
  6. Davis is yawning. He  must   be sleepy.
  7. If I leave right now, I   should  be there on time.
  8. My sister has been working so hard all day. She       should  be tired when she gets home tonight.
  9. I can’t find my dictionary on the desk. It  must be on the bookshelf.
  10. The dinner is almost ready. It  should be done in five minutes.
  11. I wonder why her flight is late. It         should  have arrived an hour ago.
  12. I can’t find my money in my wallet. I must                have dropped it when paid for the coffee.

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