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Đáp án bài tập degrees of certainty – present time negative (mức độ chắc chắn không đúng – ở hiện tại)

Answer keys of exercises of degrees of certainty – present time negative

I. Complete the sentences by giving your ‘best guess’

  1. She has got F for all the tests so far this semester.

She mustn’t study hard.

  1. I am calling my parents, but there is no answer.

They must not be at home.

  1. I have never seen him drink coffee.

He must not    like coffee.                 

  1. She seems lonely and rarely goes out.

She must not   have many friends.

  1. It is bed time, but our nephew is still watching cartoon.

He must not    feel asleep.     

II. Give reasons for conclusions.

  1. A: Someone is waving at you over there. It may be your mom.

B: It couldn’t my mom because she is going on her vacation.

  1. A: This is not my watch. I think it belongs to Jimmy.

B: It can’t belong to Jimmy because he doesn’t like watches.         

  1. A: Someone told me they are divorced.

B: That can’t be true because I have just seen them hand in hand at the supermarket.

  1. A: I’ve just seen Mary ride a motorbike.

B: That couldn’t be right because  she hates motorbikes.

  1. A: I have heard that Rob cooks very well.

B: This can’t be right because he always has fast food


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