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Đáp án bài tập đưa ra đề nghị (making suggestions)

Answer keys of exercises of making suggestions

Make suggestions for the given situations.

1.I feel tired.

Why don’t you stay in bed for a while?

2. I’m thirsty.

Why don’t you drink some cool water?

3. It’s hot in here.

Shall we go swimming?                     

4. It is beautiful, today.

Let’s go to the park for a picnic.        

5. I don’t know this word.

Why don’t you use a dictionary to look it up?

6.There’s a good movie tonight.

Shall we go to the cinema tonight?    

7. I don’t want to cook today.

Let’s eat out.                                       

8. My job is boring.

Why don’t you find another job?        

9. It’s raining. We can’t go out.

Let’s play chess, shall we?                

10. Where should we go for our picnic?

We could go to the beach for our picnic. 


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