Đáp án bài tập Expressions with prepositions

Answer keys of Exercises of expressions with prepositions

Fill in the banks with an appropriate preposition.

  1. Who is responsible      for        answering the phone?
  2. The children were taken to the cinema  by    their parents.
  3. She doesn’t comb her hair when she is          in         a hurry.
  4. What is the matter       with      the meeting? There is no one here.
  5. Did you break the chair on     purpose?
  6. It is  for  opening wine bottles.
  7. I couldn’t understand the film much because there was a big tall guy in       the way.
  8. They have communicated      by        email for a year.
  9. He discovered the truth in       accident.
  10. He is too shy to talk to the pretty girl in         public.
  11. I met a beautiful woman in the hotel where I was staying      on        business.
  12. My family has been    in         difficulties for many years.
  13. The children were separated because their country was       at         war.
  14. They have found their missing daughter        at         last.
  15. We couldn’t find who is  in      charge of here?
  16. People during a war usually are  in     danger.
  17. They decided to meet  in        secret.
  18. I saw a strange thing   on        the way home.
  19. The diamond is so expensive. I think it is at   least one million dollars.
  20. I’m  off  duty today, so we can go to the cinema.

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