Đáp án bài tập forming the passive (cách hình thành câu bị động)

Answer keys of exercises of forming the passive

Change the active to the passive

1.Hemingway wrote that story.

That story was written by Hemingway.

2. Sam is cooking dinner.

Dinner is being cooked by Sam.

3. Waiters serve customers.

 Customers are served by waiters.

4. Their teacher is going to give a lesson.

 A lesson is going to be given by their teacher.

5. Alicia has prepared a big meal.

 A big meal has been prepared by Alicia.

6. Two boys were pulling a bag.

 A bag was being pulled by two boys.

7. Alice has bought a book at the bookstore.

A book has been bought at the bookstore by Alice.  

8. By this weekend, my brother will have finished the report.

 By this weekend, the report will have been finished by my brother.

9. I didn’t break the vase. Anne broke it.

 The vase wasn’t broken by me. It was broken by Anne.

10. Angela didn’t make the cake. Did her mom make it?

 The cake wasn’t made by Angela. Was it made by her mom?

11. Does Ms. Betty teach English? I know that Ms. Betty doesn’t teach it.

Is English taught by Ms. Betty? I know that it isn’t taught by Ms. Betty.

12. Caroline hasn’t driven the car for two years. Has Caroline sold it yet?

The car hasn’t been driven by Caroline for two years. Has it been sold by Caroline yet?

13. Is your sister drawing a picture?

Is a picture being drawn by your sister?

14. Your tricks will not fool him.

He will not be fooled by your tricks.

15. The manager has been interviewing her for an hour.

 She has been being interviewed by the manager for an hour.


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