Các thì hiện tại - present tenses

Đáp án bài tập hiện tại hoàn thành tiếp diễn (present perfect continuous)

Answer keys of exercises of present perfect continuous

Complete the sentences with present perfect or present perfect continuous

(Hãy hoàn thành các câu sau bằng present perfect or present perfect continuous)

  1. It (snow)          has been snowing       all day. I wonder when it will stop.
  2. We (have)       have had         three major snowstorms so far this winter.
  3. I (study)   have been studying  for two hours and probably won’t finish until midnight.
  4. I (write) have written   them three times, but I still haven’t received a reply.
  5. I (live)  have lived/ have been living   here since last March.
  6. The telephone (ring)    has rung          four times in the last hour.
  7. The telephone (ring)    has been ringing          for almost a minute. Why doesn’t someone answer it?
  8. The little boy is dirty from head to foot because he (play)     has been playing         in the mud.
  9. A: (be, you)     have been       able to reach Bob on the phone yet?

B: Not yet.  I (try)        have been trying         for the last twenty minutes, but the line (be)   has been    busy.

10. Hi, Jenny. I (see, not) haven’t seen   you for weeks. What (do, you) have you been doing            lately?

11. A: what are you going to order for dinner?

B: well, I (have, never) have never had   pizza, so I think I’ll order that.

12. A: what’s the matter? Your eyes are red and puffy. (cry, you) Have you been crying?

B: No. I just finished peeling some onions.

13. A: Dr. Jones is a good teacher. How long (be, he )   has he been    at the university?

14. He (teach) has taught/ has been teaching      here for twenty-five years.

15. A: How long (be)         have you been            in Canada?

B: I (study)      have been studying     here for more than three years

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