Danh từ - noun

Đáp án bài tập mạo từ – article: a, an, và the

Answer keys of Exercises of articles : a, an, or the

Add ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’, or ‘#’ (nothing) to the gaps

(hãy thêm a, an, the hay # – để trống – vào các chỗ trống)

  1. When he was a child, he went to school in      #          Paris .
  2. He’s going to have        an        interesting holiday in  the        US this year.
  3. We went to a cafe after the movie and had  #  coffee
  4. My brother is doctor in   a    hospital in  #   Manchester
  5. I need  new shoes. These ones are old.
  6. Could you pass me the pepper please?
  7. They are building a      hospital in   the  city centre. The  hopistal is going be the                biggest
  8. Sally, Pete is on  the  He wants to ask you   a   question.
  9. When he is at #    school, he often plays   #    basketball in     the   hall
  10. I don’t think people will ever live on  the    moon
  11. She wanted to visit    European city, so she decided to go to     #  Rome
  12. Every Monday, our teacher gives us a      new lesson.
  13. Do you like  the   new PE teacher? – Yeah, she’s cool!
  14. We went to  the   station this morning to pick up my grandfather.
  15. I’m not keen on the food they serve in our school cafeteria.
  16. Where are the  scissors? – Sorry, I haven’t seen them.
  17. I need to buy   an   umbrella because the rainy season is coming.
  18.      A     wedding ring is usually made of      #    gold
  19. I am worried about  the  health of my aunt.
  20. I eat  an   apple for breakfast every day.

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