Đáp án bài tập the passive – verbs with 2 objects (động từ có 2 object – danh từ – theo sau)

Answer keys of exercises of verbs with 2 objects in the passive

I. Change the following active into the passive

1.A waiter handed him a menu.

He was handed a menu by a waiter.

A menu was handed to him by a waiter.

2. The university has awarded them a scholarship.

They have been awarded a scholarship by the university.

A scholarship has been awarded to them by the university.

3. Dave lent Jim two hundred dollars.

Jim was lent two hundred dollars by Dave.

Two hundred dollars was lent to Jim by Dave.

4. The company is offering my sister a job.

My sister is being offered a job by the company.

A job is being offered to my sister by the company.

5. John brought me some cards.

I was brought some cards by John.

Some cards were brought to me by John.

6. They will send you a postcard.

You will be sent a postcard.

A postcard will be sent to you.

II. Complete the sentences with the verbs in the parentheses.

  1. I thought those chair were broken.

I (have/mend) have had them mended.

  1. Your car has got a flat tyre.

I can (have/fix) have it fixed   at the gagrage.

  1. This house is dirty.

We must (have/clean) have it cleaned.

  1. What’s happened to your hair?

I (have/colour) have had it coloured.

  1. This house is too dark.

I agree. We should (have/redecorate) have it redecorated    .

  1. These shirts are too loose.

You need (have/take in)  to have them taken in        .

  1. What a beautiful house!

Thanks. We (have/design)      have had it designed   by a famous architect


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