Danh từ - noun

Đáp án bài tập so sánh danh từ (comparison with nouns)

Answer keys of Exercises of comparison with nouns

I. Choose more, less or fewer to fill in the gaps

(Hãy chọn more, less hay fewer để điền vào chỗ trống)

  1. She has   more  problems than her sister. (+)
  2. Anna takes      less      sugar in her coffee than her brother. (-)
  3. She asked for                         more    sauce on her pasta. (+)
  4. Dave  likes      less      music than I do. (-)
  5. She  wanted    fewer   things in her flat than most people. (-)
  6. He has scored             fewer   goals than last season. (-)
  7. Susan has two children           more    than her sister-in-law. (+)
  8. Michael had    fewer   pages in his essay than the rest of the class. (-)
  9. Sara talks        less      nonsense than her friends. (-)
  10. He has             more    food for his lunch than his brothers. (+)
  11.  Fewer   people are watching the match than we expected. (-)
  12. This year I will buy      more    plants for my garden. (+)
  13. When Sophia counted the money, she found    fewer   coins than before. (-)
  14. This song requires much        less      instrumentation than the earlier song. (-)
  15. Please give me           less      sugar than you gave him. (-)
  16. Please give me           fewer   sugar cubes than you gave him. (-)
  17. Henry is just too fat. In my opinion, he walks    less   than he should.
  18. You ought to drink       less      vodka. It destroys your liver.
  19. You failed the test. You should spend   more   time on your lessons.
  20. We don’t have many students as we expected, so we need   fewer  desks for them.

II. Choose the most, the least, or the fewest to fill in the gaps.

(Hãy chọn the most, the least, hay the fewest để điền vào chỗ trống)

  1. She has   the most  problems of her sister. (+)
  2. Anna takes      the least   sugar in her coffee in her group. (-)
  3. She asked for              the most   sauce on her pasta of her friends. (+)
  4. Dave  likes      the least   music of his brothers. (-)
  5. She  wanted    the fewest    things in her room in the family. (-)
  6. He has scored             the fewest    goals in his team. (-)
  7. Susan has       the most       children in her neighbourhood. (+)
  8. Michael had    the fewest       pages in his essay in his class. (-)
  9. Sara talks        the least           nonsense of her friends. (-)
  10. He has the most          food for his lunch in the cafeteria. (+)
  11. I’ve never seen  the fewest     people going to a football match before. (-)
  12. This year I will buy      the most          plants for my garden. (+)
  13. She has           the least           money of her sisters. (-)

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