Đáp án bài tập trạng từ (Adverbs)

Answer keys of exercises of adverbs

I. Use adverbs to fill in the gaps

  1. They laughed              happily              . (happy)
  2. The dog ran     quickly . (quick)
  3. He solved maths problems     easily   . (easy)
  4. They talked to me       in a friendly way          .(friendly)
  5. She is always  beautifully        dressed. (beautiful)
  6. You are writing too      slowly  . (slow)
  7. She is working            hard    .(hard)
  8. He drives very                        carelessly        .(careless)
  9. The prices went up rather       fast      . (fast)
  10. I usually get up            early    . (early)

II. Fill in the gaps with either adjective or adverb

(Hãy điền vào chỗ trống adjective hay adverb)

  1. The movie had a         happy  ending. (happy)
  2. She will get home       late        (late). I hope she will drive    carefully . (careful)
  3. She described the picture       beautifully        . (beautiful)
  4. We       hardly  studied for the test, so we failed. (hard)
  5. Do you think you could ride a motorbike very           slowly  ? (slow)
  6. I thought he did (good)            well                  in his test. He studied really    hard                 . (hard)
  7. The test is        easy    . (easy)
  8. The plane flew                        directly            to London. (direct)
  9. He is running (fast)     fast      to school because he is (late) late     .
  10. I ate the sandwich       hungrily           . (hungry)
  11. Julie has always been a          good    daughter.  (good)
  12. He plays the piano      badly   . (bad)
  13. Mom is            happy in the morning. (happy)
  14. She  sings       terribly             songs. (terrible)
  15. I           often    eat       quickly in the morning . (often, quick)
  16. McDonald’s is a          fast      food restaurant. (fast)
  17. They speak too (fast)  fast      when they are (busy)  busy    .
  18. Mary always studies   hard     (hard). That is why she is an (excellent) excellent student.
  19. They love each other  passionately     . (passionate)
  20. she was playing          quietly  . (quiet).
  21. John speaks very       loudly   . (loud).
  22. Mary is a  careful   driver. She drives  carefully        . (careful)
  23. She gave us a quick  answer, and we answered quickly     . (quick)
  24. He was  cheerful         and started to speak  cheerfully        . (cheerful)
  25. They drive       carelessly        . They are        careless  drivers. (careless)

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