Các thì tương lai - future tenses

Đáp án bài tập tương lai hoàn thành tiếp diễn (Future Perfect Continuous)

Answer keys of exercises of Future Perfect Continuous

Use the Future Perfect or the Future Perfect Continuous

(Hãy sử dụng thì tương lai hoàn thành hay tương lai hoàn thành tiếp diễn)

  1. When we get to Da Lat this evening, we’ll be very tired because we (drive) will have been driving more than 300 kilometres.
  2. By the time she leaves Singapore next month, she (be)       will have been  there for a year.
  3. I (visit)              will have visited          the Grand Canyon and San Francisco by the time I leave the United States.
  4. She just called and said she would be here at 11. By the time she gets here, we (wait)       will have been waiting  for her for two hours.
  5. By the time you finish studying, they (go)      will have gone  to bed.
  6. They (do) will have been doing the test for 30 minutes by the time I get to the class.
  7. By the end of this year I (work) will have worked/ been working      for this company for 10 years.
  8. My brother is doing his homework now. By 12 o’clock he (study)    will have been studying  for 3 straight hours.
  9. Come to my home around 9 o’clock. By then, I (complete) will have completed    my homework and we could play video games.
  10. In June, my parents (be)  will have been  married for 25 years.
  11. A: By the time they finish going across the Sahara, they (hike)  will have been hiking for more than 14 days.

B: And they (be, not) will not have been       in a bed for two weeks.


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