Các thì tương lai - future tenses

Đáp án bài tập tương lai tiếp diễn (future continuous)

Answer keys of exercises of future continuous

Complete the sentences using the simple future or the future continuous.

(Hãy điền vào chỗ trống bằng cách sử dụng thì tương lai đơn và tương lai tiếp diễn)

  1. What a mess! We (clean)       will clean         up here for hours.
  2. Next week at this time, we (lie) will/ are going to be lying      on the beach in Nha Trang.
  3. He (finish)       will / is going to finish  his homework before he goes out tonight.
  4. If you need a job, I (help)        will help           you.
  5. If you need us for help, we (stay)       will/ are going to be staying  at the Hotel.
  6. I (call)  will call             you as soon as I get home.
  7. You (enjoy)     will/are going to be enjoying    your vacation, while I’m here for exams.
  8. Please leave the dishes. I (wash)       will wash          them tomorrow.
  9. When you come to visit us this Saturday, our children (watch) will/ are going to be watching  the football match.
  10. A: Where is he going to meet us?
    B: I am sure he (stand) will be standing  on the platform to meet us when we arrive.
    A: And then what?
    B: We (pick)   are going to pick   up his brother at work and go out for dinner.
  11. A: If you need to reach me next Sunday, I (stay)      will/ am going to be staying   at Bob’s.
    B: I (call)         will call             you if necessary.
  12. A: Oh, look at that mountain of dirty dishes! Who (wash) will wash  all of those?
    B: I promise I (clean) will clean them before you come home tonight.
    A: Thanks.
    B: When you get home this evening, the dishes (sit)  will/are going to be sitting          in the cupboard.

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