Đáp án bài tập Verb with preposition

Answer keys of exercises of verbs with prepositions

Complete the sentences, using an appropriate preposition.

  1. There’s no need to shout        at         me.
  2. They’re looking forward          to         eating the pizza.
  3. People don’t approve of         smoking in public.
  4. I asked my teacher     for        advice for the exam.
  5. They fell          in         love each other at the first sight.
  6. I felt a bit upset because I suspected them    of         laughing           at         me.
  7. However, I was quite happy after they succeeded    in         persuading me that I was wrong.
  8. The guard accused the shoplifter       of         stealing, and insisted   on        calling the police.
  9. The shoplifter threw bags of sugar     at         the guard, and ran away.
  10. She asked me about   how I could earn much money. After having a talk for two hours, she agreed         with            me       about   what I had said.

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