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Đáp án câu yêu cầu lịch sự với ‘would you mind’

Answer keys of exercises of making requests with would you mind

Fill in the banks either with ‘if I + past simple’ or ‘V-ing

  1. I’m so tired, and I’d like to go home. Would you mind (leave) if I left            the party early?
  2. I wasn’t listening to you when you asked me. Would you mind (repeat) repeating your question again?
  3. I’m not feeling well right now. Would you mind (stay) if I stayed home?
  4. I don’t understand this lesson. Would you mind (explain)      explaining        it again?
  5. It’s so cold here, and my legs hurt. Would you mind (close)  closing the window?
  6. What is inside the present? I want to see it. Would you mind (open) if I opened it?
  7. I need some information about you. Would you mind (ask)  if I asked         you personal questions?
  8. I can’t hear you. Would you mind (speak) speaking    a little louder?
  9. Would you mind (smoke) if I smoked            a cigarette? I’d rather you didn’t.
  10. I’m trying to study. Would you mind (turn)     turning down the volume?

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